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Your hot water tank is one of those appliances that you probably rarely think about, that is until it stops working. Not having warm water to bathe in or wash clothes with is more than a minor inconvenience, especially during the winter months.

Sediment build up can happen in any hot water heater. This special promotion is only applicable to hot water tanks, but if you have a tankless hot water heater, give us a call. You need to be diligent about maintaining your tankless heater or you will face costly repairs.

Booking your free, no obligation hot water tank service couldn't be easier or more convenient. You name the time and we will be there to professionally and safely get your hot water tank back into tip top condition and functioning as it should.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Benjamin Franklin
Signs Your Hot Water Tank Needs a Service
Mineral / Sediment Buildup
The calcium and magnisium from hard water build up in the bottom of your hot water tank over time. When you don't service your tank regularily, this can drastically shorten the lifespan of your hot water tank.
Unexpected Water Temperature
Does your water go from hot to cold or take a long time to warm up? This is a could be a thermostat malfunction and a sign that your hot water tank needs servicing.
Weird Smelling Water
Bacteria can grow and feed off of the sediment that builds in the bottom of your hot water tank. If your water smells strange, this could be why. Getting a hot water tank service will eliminate this issue.
High Energy Bills
The more sediment build up there is, the harder your tank has to work to heat the water. This results in unneccesarily high energy bills.
Rumbling or Popping Noises
If your hot water tank is making strange sounds, it is definitely time for a service. Sediment buildup causes wear and tear on parts and can cause them to fail prematurely.
Small Leaks Near Drain Valve
Your tank shouldn't have any leaks, so if you see leaks happening that's a sign you should contact a plumbing specialist ASAP to avoid costly damage.
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