Furnace Repair, Maintenance & Installation

A visit from Canadian Quality Home Services can prevent many maintenance and health problems before they start. There are various benefits from furnace maintenance and duct cleaning:

1.Improve indoor air quality
2.Control mold, bacteria and dust
3.Lower likelihood of respiratory and allergy issues
4.Reliable and increased overall performance from your HVAC system
5.Energy savings and fewer expensive repairs
6.An increased longevity of your HVAC system life

Need a new Furnace?

Furnace Replacement
Sometimes no matter how much preventative care and attentiveness we give our heating systems, they simply die out. Especially if your system is over 10 years old, a casual repair may not be enough be effective. If you have been experiencing frequent, costly repairs and temperature inconsistency for some time now, these are common signals that it is time for a heating replacement. Benefits of replacing your furnace include:

  • Providing instant, evenly distributed warmth and comfort.
  • Energy savings
  • Less expensive repairs from wear and tear
Canadian Quality Home Services provides a safe and affordable installation by our own fully licensed technicians.
Electrostatic Filters & UV Light
Never have to change your filter againWashable & Reusable, Lifetime Warranty, High Efficiency, Anti-Microbial. What is a MERV rating? (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) A MERV rating tells you, on a scale of 1-16, how effectively your filter traps the small particles you don't want circulating through your home. The higher a MERV rating, the higher the amount of particles the filter traps.

UV Light Supply and Install benefits include:

  • Control molds and bacteria
  • Reduce colds and flus
  • Germs are not re-circulated by the HVAC system
  • Reduce smell and odor
  • Maintain a cleaner coil, improving cooling efficiency and reducing electricity cost
You Might Also Want
Furnace and Air Vent Cleaning
  • Get rid of molds, vermin, bacteria, rodents and insects inside the vents
  • Remove the excessive amount of dust, debris and other particles

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Dryer Vent Cleaning
Lint and other debris can build up in your dryer hose and vent ducts, reducing air flow, backing up exhaust gases and can eventually create a FIRE! A cleaned dryer vent will reduce drying time, increase efficiency and mitigate the risk of a dryer vent fire.

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